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Ethos: [ee-thos, ee-thohs, eth-os]

- the fundamental character or spirit of a culture; the underlying sentiment that informs the beliefs, customs, or practices of a group or society.

- the character or disposition of a community, group, person etc.


About Ethos Philanthropies

Ethos Philanthropies (EP) is a consulting firm based out of New York City and London, focused on guiding individuals, families and mission-driven companies build and manage a sustainable philanthropic roadmap. Founded by new generation philanthropists, EP harnesses every individual’s ability to focus their talents, time and funds to work in partnership with charitable organizations globally and address today’s most pressing issues and causes.  


We believe in the power of collaboration to achieve greater social impact.  As philanthropists ourselves, our mission is to help lead a new generation of philanthropists and guide our clients by building creative, goal-oriented and innovative roadmaps to their personal philanthropy. We believe that through true partnership, our clients will achieve impactful and sustainable social change, while developing their own personal philanthropic profile and journey. 



Why Us

Having worked closely with the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation for many years, the founding members of Ethos Philanthropies are also Co-Founders of the Ojjeh Family Fund. In this framework, they have worked together, as a family, for more than a decade providing grants in eight countries within and across many impact areas, including access to education, sanitation and hygiene, and healthcare services, as well as vocational training, environmental preservation, and even disaster relief.  

As philanthropists, they were required to work together throughout the investment lifecycle to manage grants. As siblings, they held mutual accountability, practiced joint decision-making and shared practical experiences in the field. This process created a united, empowered, and stronger bond with a shared vision of legacy.  Today, as dedicated group of donors through a collaborative social investment, they contribute to real social change and continue experience immense personal growth. 

Embarking on their philanthropic journey as teenagers, they grew alongside their projects and immersed themselves most notably during field visits.


Why now?

Today, there is a greater responsibility placed on the world’s wealthiest to partner with governments and organizations to help end the world’s most pressing issues.  In 2015, Forbes estimated that the transfer of wealth to the next generation to be $40 trillion, much of which will be designated for charitable giving.  With unprecedented financial resources and new ways of giving, it is expected that this generation will “transform charitable giving itself”.   The new generation of philanthropists live in a networked and connected world, consistently sharing and collaborating.  We believe in the power of collective work for optimal results, engaging deeper than ever with each other, organizations and beneficiaries.  

At a time when there has never been a greater need for responsible, impactful social investment, EP can make the world of philanthropy more easily accessible to a competent, engaged and promising philanthropists, by ensuring each journey is immersive, transparent and unique.  The EP process of philanthropic learning allows each client to go beyond their checkbooks and build a greater understanding of the world we live it, and how to be most effective in our giving.